Nicolás grew up in the countryside of Mexico, surrounded by nature and cultural tradition, especially the culinary traditions of Mexico. His family not only taught him how to use endemic ingredients of wild origin, but also the patience and processes that a good traditional Mexican dish must possess.

Chef in nebulosa restaurant kitchenLater, he found his own passion for Mexican cuisine but this time with a desire to experiment. He learned to perfect the use of the ingredients of Mexican ancestral cuisine with a modern, adventurous sense.

Jardin Nebulosa in the Heart of San Sebastián del Oeste, Jalisco is the temple that has seen Nicolás forge his special sense of experimentation and improvement upon Mexican cuisine.

Below you’ll find one of his signature dishes.



🌵Aloe Vera (skinless)
🌵Jamaican pulp with wide chili (Chile ancho)
🌵3/4 Avocado sauce with ginger and coriander 3 drops
🌵Blue corn fried tortilla
🌵Fried Avocado Leaves

•Chop the skinless Aloe Vera into small cubes and integrate it with the avocado, ginger and cilantro sauce, then with the Jamaican pulp and guajillo pepper sauce
•Add juice from a lemon
•Add diced green apple to the avocado sauce
•Add peach in small pieces to the Jamaica sauce Add Onion in cubes to both sauces
•Integrate ingredients
•Add Tequila La Dama to both sauces to enhance the flavor and aroma
•For assembly use a wooden base with two types of fried elements, the blue tortilla and the fried avocado leaf with salt