If you’ve been following our story, you know that transformation is a major theme for La Dama. This especially applies when it comes to the leftover bagasse and recycled glass that we use to create our unique product.

Bagasse is the exhausted agave fibers that are leftover from the production of tequila. We re-utilize bagasse to make labels, books, and canvas that we donate to kids from the surrounding Los Altos communities in our after school programs. In 2019 we donated an estimated 1,500 books and canvasses. By 2020 we are committing to donate 10,000 more, this donation will ensure that all the kids in our adjacent communities are included.

Consumers will also notice that all the labels that grace La Dama’s bottle are made from the same bagasse waste. Our beautiful handcrafted labels are the perfect example of how being eco-conscience can also be luxurious.

Glass Waste

Waste from the production of Tequila bottles, like glass, for example, represents a great problem for the environment. The resources used to create the bottles are expensive and their pollutant footprint is even greater.

What would happen if we could transform all that “useless” glass waste and turn it into something good and unique? Something that enhances the value of the product by turning something that was waste into something beautiful, worth admiring?

We believe that recycling is not only a practical action, it is also an act of transformation necessary for creating a significant change in the industry.

That’s what we do at La Dama when we create our beautiful diamond-shaped bottle from forgotten scraps of recycled glass.