La Dama is the biggest sustainable blue agave grower in the world. We present a paradigm shift in the present and future of tequila. Our agricultural and production processes are based on the revolutionary ideas of our Mexican ancestors, their sustainable perception of nature, advanced agricultural methodology and the ritualistic aspects of their production processes.

We are the biggest promoters of social sustainability and fair trade in the tequila industry. We’re permanently improving and monitoring the health, education, and living conditions of the people in the Los Altos area that participate in our industry.

Los Altos is an area blessed with agave, but blessings can sometimes be a curse, especially when you realize that this bountiful area has only enriched multinational corporations. The same ones that hold a big social and environmental debt to the community, due to their poisoning of the land and water for the last few decades.

As our industry drifts far away from its original practices we are not only losing the essence of our spirit, we are risking not having the conditions or resources to cultivate a long term future. This is why we are starting a revolution.


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