The Galindo and Perez Loza family have been planting agave for the last 20 years. 

They set the goal to become the biggest producers of organic agave azul in the world, for reference, today only around 3% of all agave is farmed organically. We can proudly say we have 400 hectares of certified land as of 2019 with another 800 hectares in transition for 2020, 2021 and 2022, 2023. 

That’s around 3.5 million plants that are growing pesticide-free, almost 40% of everyone else combined. With an action plan in place against erosion, the agave integrates itself into the living ecosystem that already exists in our fields, canyons, and mountains. 

Deforestation is out of our equation, as well as predation of natural fauna. Take a look at our fields from afar and you’ll notice it’s hard to differentiate the agave from the natural existing ecosystems in our valley. We take pride in the fact that this sets us apart from the big transnational companies that refuse to make the change for economical reasons; as this system takes more time and investment in man labor. 

We integrate organic nutrition and preserve endemic flora so that the land is not exhausted.

The same way it was done by our ancestors, the way it should be



It’s common to find traces of residue in the water, land, and food of the neighboring communities. The consequences of conventional agave farming, much like global warming, have a bigger impact on the population less favored.

This not only sickens the field workers, but also the consumer.  These products end up on shelves with traces of pesticides, every year new pesticides hit the market being marketed with less toxicity, but just as in the past, the consequences come with the year’s consumption. We beliecve the industry should stop profiting off such risk. 

The companies that produce these types of chemicals have some of the highest carbon footprints around. Yet again it’s something the tequila industry is directly endorsing. At La Dama we are cutting it to zero. 



One of the objectives of La Dama is to rescue the original sense of community behind agave. In Mexico, we live in a beautiful yet challenging society. Although it’s true that the biggest asset of our country is its people, it’s also true that the social conditions are far from fair to the same people that help us create the Tequila.

From bad public policy, environmental toxicity to unfair economical practices in the industry, the last benefited sector is the people. They are the only ones that haven’t improved their economic conditions, while the profits of major tequila companies boomed.

Don Juan, our maestro agavero started working in agricultural related labors when he was ten years old, after a life of endurance and love for agave he has taught around 1000 people how to work the agave in a natural way, the way it was done 60 years ago. For us, Don Juan and everyone that works with us is a success story we want to tell.


We aim to leave a legacy that said that we pushed an improvement in the socio-economical conditions of the families that work with us, that they can work in agave for love and tradition, not for necessity. 

We have a phrase that we repeat in our fields:


“We work together, we dream together, we grow together.”