With every bottle of La Dama Tequila that you enjoy, you help create a positive impact on the environment. While our numbers are positive, these numbers are obtained by comparing them to the common agricultural processes used in the blue agave industry by the big corporate brands.

Check out our process:

COOKING: Mansory Ovens

GRINDING: Traditional Mill

FERMENTATION: 72 hours of fermentation with Bagasse

DISTILLATION: Double Distillation

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Altos de Jalisco

Flavor Profile

La Dama Tequila is 100% Agave, a Blanco Tequila made in our sustainable, organically grown plantations from blue Agaves in Los Altos. Aromas of pear, anise, clove, smoke, lemon, green and cooked agave, as well as rosemary aromas will fill your nose.

On the palate, there is a balanced, fruity, herbal and pleasant Agave taste of caramelized agave. It has the flavor of Agave but without the dry-seasoning that characterizes it, this is achieved due to the agricultural origin of our Agaves. La Dama Tequila has a clean, warm finish with hints of chocolate and incredibly well-balanced aftertaste.

Overall, La Dama Tequila has a soft, creamy and silk texture.