For thousands of years, humans in mesoamerican cultures developed a deep relationship with the land and natural elements that surrounded them. This relationship was so deep that they created an intricate system of beliefs, one in which many of their deities represented the same elements that provided them life, punishment, and admiration.

Such is the case of the natural element that inspires La Dama Tequila, Mayahuel, the deity of Agave. Our name La Dama derives from our own ancient history, where women from the 
Chichimeca region were the ones who developed the first forms of Agave distillates.

We chose the name to honor women, a gender often overlooked in our industry, as evident with all the major tequilas being named after male individuals. In the Mexica (Aztec) era humans developed more delicate, sustainable and creative methods in dealing with the soil that provided them with so much. 

They respected the land and handled problems that arose, things like
deforestation, erosion, pollution, exhaustion and residual toxicity of the land; something that we don’t seem to care about enough nowadays. It’s important to mention that a deep sense of belonging, respect, and patience were the driving motivators of this, underrated, yet advanced civilization.

Somewhere along the way, we seem to have traded this sense of importance and order that was given to our land in the past for predatory practices in the tequila industry that are fully driven by selfish economic interest.


The way in which we react to these practices and acknowledge that balance, humility, patience and a sense of belonging are needed; will determine our survival in our current era.

La Dama tequila is a family of Mexicans that seriously take into consideration the roots of our existence and what we should do to respect our land moving forward.

Our take isn’t to halt production, it’s to do it with a different vision while being responsible and economically fair. All the while, educating consumers and producers alike about sustainable alternatives that we have adapted from earlier civilizations.