Both education and fairness play a big role in helping us promote this change to the masses. In the altos region, you’ll find billion-dollar multinational tequila companies and also discover that the medium income is 11 dollars a day for the field workers. It’s no surprise that our youth has to drop out of school and integrate into the working population at a very early age, sometimes risking their lives migrating illegally to other countries when there should be no need if fairness in the industry prevailed.

From our foundation, we pledge to re-invest 20% of our profits in permanent education programs for local kids in the communities. With a focus on science, ecology, the arts, programs like La Dama After School, and the upcoming 2021 project, La Dama Art & Library Bus. Students will be followed up with and awarded scholarships. 

It’s important to mention that we employ 50% average more workers than other conventional companies and pay the highest salaries in the industry because we believe good things come at a fair cost.