La Dama is honored to partner with renowned Mexican plastic artist Manuel Ramirez to design and operate our most ambitious and socially responsible project to date.

The project will consist of a refurbished school bus, adapted to serve as a mobile permanent space that will house an art and science sanctuary for local youth. It will officially be known as La Dama’s “Inspired by Nature” bus.

Kids ranging from the ages of 6 to 15 will be invited to participate in workshops and guided lessons that will include agave paper making, painting, a science library. The bus will be a safe place for these kids to work on whatever their curious, artistic minds want to explore.

We pledge to provide the best salaries for people working in our growing organic fields, but sometimes this is not enough for the community.

In implementing our pilot after school programs we began to search for the motives that drive local school kids to desert their education. Only 11% make it above junior high, dropping out to join the workforce early, others migrate north or even join dangerous activities.

While we constantly find huge potential in the youth, a big percentage of these cases are due to their parents barely having any money for basic needs. Another reason is that both the parents and the child don’t grasp the impact a proper education and nurturing of their natural abilities can have in their future life.

Unfortunately, the local governments are not doing enough and the historical corporate companies in the region don’t seem to care enough to encourage the academic and artistic potential of the kids in these communities.

With this project, we will have the possibility to engage 480 kids a month in the altos region. We’re set to begin operating by the end of 2020.