Co-founders of La Dama, Marcos Galindo (third-generation agavero) and Martin Kovar (world-renowned mixologist), lead a permanent campaign around the globe to speak about serious issues in the industry. Their presentations at the some of the most important forums in the world, such as the 2019 Bar Convent Berlin Convention, are a necessary step in their crusade to defend the balance between an ecosystem in danger and the practices that prevail in the Tequila industry.

The duo has also developed educational platforms to create awareness amongst their peers in the bar and restaurant industry. This year the team behind La Dama launched the web tv series “The Disruptive Cocktail.” A YouTube series focused on interviews with leading experts in the tequila and spirits industry. 

Martin and Marcos have many other things in motion on their own fast-growing social media platforms, all with the hope to drive a positive change in the industry.

In the future, La Dama will endorse music and arts events with an eco conscientious message. We hope to reach the future generations that are slowly but surely aligning with our movement in Tequila.

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Catch the duo live as they take the stage at Talent Land on April 13th, 2020 (more info coming soon)