Some things are just irrefutable, there is only one planet, global warming exists and the tequila industry has been very toxic to the natural systems that surround it.

We know this because we have been working with agave for decades and know how fragile balance can be. As a new Mexican generation, we have made the commitment to be the first tequila company to fully address the environmental issues that this industry creates, no lies, all transparency.

LA Dama Biochemist, Alberto Ramirez

While there are many things our biochemist and agricultural team are still working on, we can NOW fully pledge that every time you buy one bottle of La Dama this is happening:

4 square meters of soil is being preserved for the next generation, from erosion, ammoniac or salts

500 cubic meters of water form our underground reserves was saved from chemical contamination

At least 100 species of endemic flora, insects, mammals, and birds were saved from chemical toxicity during the lifespan of the agaves used to make your bottle.

1 Agave paper recycled book was donated to a kid in the Altos region.

2 Hours of Science and Arts workshops were granted to a kid in our after school educational programs.

12 humans were saved from being exposed to chemicals or residuals elements during the 8 years of life of the agaves in your bottle, including you.